Blustery wind is blowing, the drizzling eventually turned into heavy storm, sounds of waves and stream are coming from somewhere far away, and in the meantime the train is moving forward…

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So perhaps a detailed description would not be really necessary. Blanket app includes ambient noises around us, including sounds from nature, traveling and interiors. These sounds helps to focus on work or to have a relax, and they are not destructing like music.

Blanket is not available for Windows, Mac OS or Android as far as I know, so, Linux is necessary to use Blanket. It’s available on Flathub, and some distro-specific packages are also available.

Bangla Version: Blanket, ভালো লাগা একটি একটু অন্যরকম অ্যাপ

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